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Our lovely Adelaide came to us at 11 weeks of age from Paul and Debbie Wilkes of Staryanks Kennels in Perth.

She was known in the show circle as Adelaide from Perth.
She is such a delight to own, she has a wonderful temperament, very outgoing and full of fun.

Adelaide spends most of her time either in-doors at my feet or chasing any bird that may come into the yard. Fortunately the birds are much faster.

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Staryanks Final Affair (Red & White) Aust.Ch.Joytyme Black Tie Affair (Imp U.S.A.) (Black & White) Am.Ch.Adagios Mikado (U.S.A.)
Duchess Brandy Alexander IV (U.S.A.)
Staryanks As You Like It (Black) Aust.Ch.Merriyank Dare You To Try (Tri)
HeyYou Chocaholic (Chocolate)
Aust.Ch.Staryanks Eboni N Ivory (Black & White) Aust.GrandCh. Merriyank Dare to Compare (Red & White) Aust. Ch. Merriyank Dare You To Try (Tri)
Idylewins Mariposita (Red & White)
Staryanks Jessica Rabbit Idylewins Music Othenite (Black & White)
Staryanks New Dimensions (Black)


Jackie Frost. Lowood. Queensland. Australia   PH:0427 04 05 54


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